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LPN to RN Programs in Grand Rapids

Existing LPNs can also take advantage of LPN to RN programs to become a Registered Nurse and earn even greater opportunities while increasing their earning potential. Taking the next step in your career from an LPN to an RN in Grand Rapids can be done quickly with local providers. Let’s look at the options for LPNs looking to increase their earning potential.

LPN to RN Programs

West Michigan boasts two programs for LPNs looking to become Registered Nurses. Depending on your location and preferences, this provides LPNs in West Michigan a bit of flexibility in their decision making process.

Grand Rapids Community College – Advanced Standing ADN for LPNs

The Advanced Standing in the Associate Degree Nursing Program at GRCC offers licensed practical nurses (LPNs) an opportunity to advance their education. Applicants need a current LPN license and 2000 hours of verified work experience. The program, accredited by ACEN, includes a pre-nursing semester and three to four semesters of nursing coursework. Costs vary for residents and non-residents, covering tuition, additional fees, and associated expenses. The curriculum emphasizes academic standing, with specific policies for course attempts. GRCC’s commitment to inclusivity and non-discrimination ensures a supportive learning environment.

Prospective students should be aware of the costs involved, including tuition, fees, and additional expenses. The program outlines costs for the pre-nursing semester and subsequent semesters, providing transparency for financial planning.

This structured LPN to RN program at GRCC offers a comprehensive pathway for LPNs to advance their nursing careers. The program’s commitment to accreditation, equity, and a supportive learning environment enhances its appeal.

Learn more about the GRCC LPN to RN Program.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College LPN to RN Program

Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Nursing โ€” RN Completion (LPN to RN) Associate of Applied Science Degree Program is designed for both new and current students. Admissions requirements include prerequisite courses and LPN licensure. Accredited by ACEN, the program prepares graduates for the NCLEX-RN exam. The program follows a block schedule system, spanning three semesters, with costs outlined for in-district, out-of-district, out-of-state, and international students.

The program costs cover prerequisites, tuition, fees, and materials, with a detailed breakdown for different residency statuses. Transparency in costs allows students to plan effectively for their nursing education.

KVCC’s LPN to RN Completion program provides a structured and accredited pathway, emphasizing equity in admission criteria and preparing graduates for diverse healthcare roles.

Learn more about the KVCC LPN to RN Program.